What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast – The Secret Is As Simple As This

What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast – The Secret Is As Simple As This

This is probably the most common goal for most people when it comes to working out and eating healthy. Losing weight is the most popular and then I would say putting on muscle and getting toned is the second.

There is no quick fix but a question I get a lot is What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast.

The title of this article probably caught your attention and you may just be here for me to give you the biggest weight loss secret. I have learned so much over the years and tried many complicated diets and workout routines but the secret in my opinion is only 4 words.

The 4 words are, “Eat less move more”.

I know you were probably hoping it was some secret pill or drink but this really is the secret to losing weight.

I will be explaining other factors that speed up weight loss as well and what you should be eating and shouldn’t. The secret is pretty simple but you can also get very technical as well.

A lot of competitors in the fitness industry track every single calorie and how many of each is a Carbohydrate, Protein of Fat calorie. You can also track all your calories burnt on a run and keeping your heart rate in certain zones during your run.

Yes the secret is simple to remember but not exactly simple to act on. The challenge of eating healthy and motivating yourself to start running and working out can be extremely tough.

Hopefully if you continue reading on I can explain some ways to help you lose weight in a fast and effective way.



Everything you do burns calories including sleeping but there are of course things that burn much more calories. When your body is at a complete rest this is called your Basal Metabolic rate or (BMR).

If you want to find out how many calories you are burning doing absolutely nothing, there is a formula for men and women.

There is also a basic way to get your BMR but it gives you more of a rough estimate. If you don’t feel like going through the more accurate formula below, the rough estimate is to multiply your body weight in pounds by 11.

  • Women Multiply your weight in pounds by 4.35. Then measure your height in inches and multiply by 4.7. Now take your age and multiply by 4.7. The last step is to plug those numbers into this formula. BMR = 655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) – (4.7 x age in years).
  • Men You would take the same steps as above but use the same formula with these different numbers. BMR = 66 + (6.23 x weight in pounds) + (12.7 x height in inches) – (6.8 x age in years)

Mine actually comes out to 1,750 calories burned at rest after I plug my numbers into the formula.

This means that just from doing nothing my body is burning those calories to keep things running smoothly like my heart beating, temperature regulated, brain working and other important things.

So Let’s think about taking your BMR number vs how many calories you are consuming in a typical day. If you were to have Let’s say 4-6 meals a day and around 500 calories per meal which is very easy to do.

In my case I’m already at 2000-3000 calories consumed during a typical day.

By the way a Whopper at Burger King is 660 calories and a White Hot Chocolate at Starbucks is 520 calories. Or how about that Rockstar energy drink with 280 calories.

These are just some examples of how quickly you can approach the total amount of calories your body is burning at rest.

Any amount over that and you are doing absolutely no exercise or working out is where the weight gain comes in to play.

When people tell me they can’t lose weight and we sit down to calculate their daily calories it’s usually very surprising to them how much it adds up to. The goal is to track your daily calories consumed and burn more than that number with the combination of working out and what your body burns naturally at rest.



Any exercise is better than not exercising or working out at all. Although there are certain exercises that burn much more calories than others. There are 3500 calories in a pound.

A calorie by the way is the energy in food.

This means you would need to burn 3500 calories exercising to lose 1 pound of fat. If you were to cut 500-1000 calories a day you would be able to lose 1-2 pounds a week.

Add in cardio along with cutting out calories in your day and you can lose more! I keep it pretty simple like everything I do and stick to running as my only cardio type workout.

Running burns the most calories on average and if you include High Intensity(HIIT) you can burn calories up to 24 hours after your workout. How many calories burned can vary depending on workout intensity and your weight.

  • Running for an hour for someone with the weight of around 150 pounds could burn around 800 calories. I know an hour is a long time to run but if you are dedicated and determined to lose weight you will build up to that time and get to your goal much quicker.

    Women Running in the snow
    ……………..Running Burns The Most Calories

  • Swimming is a great full body workout that can build strength and endurance. I highly recommend this at first if you havn’t worked out or are just finishing an injury because it’s naturally low impact on your body. A nice smooth swim for an hour could burn around 450 calories while a higher intensity breast streak or freestyle could be around 750 calories.
  • Jumping Rope for someone around 150 pounds would burn just about the same as running but I personally could not stand in one place and jump rope for 1 hour.
  • Biking can very just like running because there are some High Intensity Spin classes vs outside going for a bike ride on the road. On the low end you could easily burn 500 calories biking for an hour.



Small meals every 3 hours is something you should try. Once you eat breakfast within an hour of waking up you should eat a healthy well-balanced low calorie meal every 3 hours after that.

Eating small balance meals every 3 hours can also raise your bodies fat burning.

Not eating often can put your body in starvation mode and store fat and burn muscle. The 3-hour windows can keep your metabolism going and burn fat all day long.

With these small meals you will start to get hungry by the 3rd hour but not starving as if you went 6 or 7 hours without eating. So it may be a little tough but if you spread your daily calories over 6 meals with not too much time in between it’s tolerable and not to drastic.

Another option is to measure out all your food for the whole day.

I know this sounds time-consuming and complicated but after a few times it really becomes easy.

If your daily goal is to stay under 1800 calories for example. You can measure out six 300 calorie meals for the day. This will keep your calories low and in my opinion this is the best way to lose weight mixed with running for cardio.

Your first few days will be tough since your body isn’t used to the lower calories but get past the first week and things get much easier.



If you are worried about the drop in your daily calories then I would recommend adding some foods in that make you feel more full.

You can also eat some healthy options that have nearly zero calories. There really can be a big difference and an example would be grapes vs raisins.

1 cup of grapes is 80 calories and 1 cup or raisins is around 430 calories.

Grapes are much less calorie dense than raisins meaning you get the same portion size with much fewer calories. There are 3 factors that play a part in what determines low or high density and they are Fat, Fiber, and water.

This is one of the reasons I always recommend lots of vegetables. Most vegetables are very high in volume but low in calories because they contain water which provides weight without calories.

Fiber is a great option because it takes longer to digest and is a higher volume food.

Taking longer to digest is good because you will feel fuller longer. Fats are very high density energy foods but you have to be careful because some small portions can be extremely high in calories. You would want to stick to small portions of nuts like almonds which I eat daily.

When it comes to Carbohydrates you can still eat them and there are some good options to make you feel fuller.

Whole grains are what you want to be looking for since they are higher in fiber. Some great examples would be Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Whole Wheat Pasta.

Women with weight loss holding old jeans
Do this simple tricks and you can lose weight fast



In the very beginning I mentioned the 4 letter saying, “Eat less move more.”

After reading the complex formula for BMR and calories tracked vs burned that’s really what it boils down to.

There are so many diet strategies out there but losing weight still comes down to the calories you take in vs those that you burn off. If your goal is to lose weight and not muscle gain you should be focusing on cardio and diet 5 days a week at least if you want some serious results.

Weight training is great but if your body fat percentage is too high you will not see any of these muscle gains. This is why I would recommend just working on your diet/cardio and focusing all your effort at first on this.

If you are one of those people that say you just can’t lose weight no matter what you try, then sit down and really write out what your daily eating habits are.

Try researching how many calories these foods and drinks really have and you might be surprised.

This is the real reason why people have trouble losing weight because they are not moving enough and eating less over a typical day.

Please comment below if you have any questions or need some help with diet questions.


“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.”

Mark Twain


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2 thoughts on “What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast – The Secret Is As Simple As This”

  • “if your body fat percentage is too high you will not see any of these muscle gains.” I have experienced this personally. As much as you want to see that tricep, it doesn’t happen until you shed that weight. Focusing on diet/cardio first is a great suggestion!

    • ABSolutely! If someone is just getting into workout out and have 5 days a week and 1 hour a day. They should focus at first all on cardio and diet if their body fat is too high. There is a lot one can do in 1 month straight of cardio and good diet 🙂

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