What Is Cbd Oil For – Does It Really Work?

What Is Cbd Oil For – Does It Really Work?

You have probably been hearing a lot of buzz about CBD Oil over the past few years and even much more as of recent. If this is your first time hearing about it or you are not to sure what it is and does then you have come to the right place.

I’m very familiar with CBD and personally take This Organic and tested CBD . I will explain What Is Cbd Oil For and what to look out for in this article. So I can give you my review and opinion on it from personal experience. I also have some close friends I know that work in the industry full time.

With the Billion dollar industry and what some say may go to 20 billion by 2022 you are probably wondering why it’s so popular. Although there are still some skeptics out there and people who have tried it and think it doesn’t work.

CBD is being produced in so many places and different forms now without any regulation so you have to be careful where you purchase it.I was pretty hesitant to try it at first but since it’s become so popular I haven’t heard anything bad about it from friends or online.

This caught my attention and I basically just started asking everyone I knew at work and family members, “Have you tried CBD”? Still, after asking a ton of people I only got positive feedback and some would go as far as saying it’s life changing.

I live in one of those states that Marijuana is completely legal and have tried it a dozen times.

I was so curious because how could something coming from the Marijuana plant not make you feel high. So fast-forward to today, I have tried CBD in a few different forms and over a dozen time.



There are many compounds found in the cannabis plant also known as the Marijuana plant. CBD is one of those compounds found in Marijuana and known as cannabinoids.

When most people think of CBD they think of it as Marijuana and are unaware that it actually has a very different effect. Marijuana has both Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabinoids (CBD) compounds. THC is the compound that makes you feel high when you smoke it or eat it in some form of an edible.

On the other hand CBD will not make you feel high or produce the psychoactive effects. Psychoactive is basically when your brain functions and perceptions change. Although the tricky part is you can get CBD from the Marijuana plant but also the Hemp plant.

So when I say you can’t get high from CBD you still have to be careful. Also, one of the reasons why the law is different with how you get CBD from either Hemp or Marijuana.

The reason you have to be careful is because Marijuana can produce up to 30% of THC while Hemp will only produce less that 0.3%.

So if you are buying CBD extracted from the Marijuana plant from an unreliable company, there may still be some THC in it. I know this is a common question for some people because they get drug tested at work and take CBD.

If there is THC found from the drug test most likely you will get fired or not get hired. You may be thinking right now, who really cares because CBD is Legal in most states.

Yes but THC is not federally legal so therefore the CBD extracted from Marijuana isn’t looked at the same as Hemp extracted CBD. If you want to be on the safe side then buy CBD extracted from Hemp because in 2018 there was a law passed.

As long as CBD from Hemp is produced within the regulations of this law then it’s OK. If you would like to know what all the regulations are, you can find the list online under the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018

A side note, if you live in South Dakota, Nebraska or Idaho please be careful even if you are taking CBD from Marijuana because It is not allowed. Even if you are taking it from Hemp in these states you still have to be careful.

Test results for CBD
This Is An Example Of A Great Company called  CBDPure. Every batch of every product is tested 3 times. Once at harvest, once at their production facility and once by an independent third party laboratory. All test results are publicly available. You just type the number in on your bottle and click lookup!




There is a long list of things people use CBD for but I will just mention some of the most common and important reasons.

  • Epilepsy I personally had growing up. So after hearing that CBD was actually approved by the FDA to treat seizures I couldn’t believe it. Seizures are one of the worst experiences someone can have. So hearing testimonies from actual users it has helped is simply amazing. If you are reading this and have Epilepsy or know someone that does I think you should strongly consider talking to your Doctor about CBD. I recommend you check out EPIDIOLEX which has their own website. This is the FDA approved CBD and they have clinical studies proving the reduction of seizure after taking it.
  • Anxiety is definitely the most common reason I hear people say they are taking CBD. This personally has helped me in situation that give me anxiety. If you really want to see the effects of CBD I think you should take it right before a situation that you normally find stressful. When I tried it in a situation that always gives me anxiety I was surprised that I just stayed calm and was mellow. Research shows that CBD interacts with some receptors in the brain that are known to cause fear and anxiety.
  • Relief from pain is another very common reason people take it. I wish I had know about CBD and the benefits back and the day when clients came to me with inflammation or some form of pain. Researchers think CBD may benefit people with chronic pain like in your back. There are some studies done on rats that reduce pain and inflammation but we still need some more human studies.
  • Cancer isn’t directly cured with CBD but it helps with cancer related symptoms. The CBD can help with some of the awful side effects like vomiting, pain and nausea.



There are dozens of different forms of CBD on the market. Oral liquids you put under your tongue, edible gummies, topical creams and softgel capsules to name a few. This can be quite confusing for the consumer and it sure was for me when I started my search.

The tastier sounding option is the gummies that have many flavors but is it the best option? Then there is the pretty standard option from what I have seen with the drops so that might influence you.

Before I tell you what I think the best option is I would like to mention a few ways you can consume CBD.

  • CBD Vaporizing will let you feel the effects quite quickly and you may like this way verse regular smoking. You may have seen a vape pen around since they have become so popular. I like this option better because unlike smoking you don’t get the hot ashy smoke that can irritate your throat and lungs.
  • CBD Sprays are very concentrated and are sprayed under your tongue. You may like this option it is very convenient and discreet requiring no set up. You could just carry it in your pocket or purse and nobody would know.
  • CBD Topical products can be applied directly to the skin. One of the more common uses with topical CBD is for inflammation. If you are having muscle aches or joint pain this would be a great option.
  • CBD Oil is what you will most likely see the most of being sold online or in dispensaries. The oil is one of the easiest ways to consume CBD. All you have to do is fill a dropper and put the oil under your tongue. Hold it there for about a minute and then you just swallow it.

Out of these forms and ways to consume them it still does depend on the individual and what you are looking to get out of it.

I would suggest if taste isn’t a high priority to you and you don’t mind having to take a very short time to put drops under your tongue then go with a high quality CBD oil.

If you are looking for more of a discrete option or taste is a big factor than you should go with the gummies or the spray. Both of those options you can just put in your mouth extremely quick without anyone noticing.



I’m someone that does a lot of research before I purchase something and with CBD you should look for a few things from a company.

I make sure the company is using organic growing techniques because there can be some very bad chemicals in non organic farming techniques since CBD is not regulated very much right now and growing in popularity so quick.

The other thing to look out for is how much of the plants 2 key compounds THC which gets you high and CBD which doesn’t it has. I’m not looking for THC therefore I choose a company that only makes CBD from Hemp.

Colorado is considered to have the most strong and healthy Hemp growing programs and where I look to get my CBD from.

Certificate Of Analysis (COA) is something you should always be asking for from a company because it shows how the product performed when tested.

They test the levels of CBD and THC along with if there is any contaminates. This is why I personally recommend CBD PURE. They Have (COA) from a third party that tests all their HEMP CBD OIL under the strictest testing program. They make sure you are getting the very best and potent CBD legally.

CBDPURE oils are made with non-GMO hemp grown in Colorado by local farmers. Their Hemp oil is minimally processed by following the high organic standards at every step of growing, harvesting and bottling. Every single batch is tested and they are 100% free of any synthetic or artificial ingredient.

3 bottles of Pure CBD OIL
The Purest Organic CBD with every batch tested for quality


Going through companies like this are EXTREMELY important and I will give you an example of why.

There was a Dr Oz episode where they went around and purchased a bunch of CBD in different forms from random locations. After having everything professionally tested in a lap they found one strain was contaminated with a deadly strain of E coli bacteria. Two samples contained potentially dangerous levels of ethanol. This is crazy, FIVE samples had NO detectable traces of CBD. There was only ONE sample that had the actual amount it claimed.

I think this is why some people say they don’t like CBD or it didn’t do anything for them. Most likely they were a consumer that had no actual CBD in the product they purchased.



This is a very common question and just like any supplement I recommend and the proper amount, this varies with everyone. Things like your weight, Age and sex can always factor in with proper dosages.

Also, what you are using it for can determine what amount you should start with. I will say that thankfully CBD is extremely safe so you don’t have to panic if you think you have taken too much or worried about taking too much your first few times.

There hasn’t been any cases where someone has overdosed with CBD.

Most of the time I would say you should speak to your Doctor but not everyone has easy access to setting up an appointment with a Doctor that is very familiar with CBD. They also can only recommend but not prescribe CBD.

As I mentioned previously that CBD is not regulated by the FDA which is one of the reasons there is no proper guideline for dosing. So without a proper guideline you should start out small and work your way up.

As just a suggestion maybe start off with 1-5 milligrams the first few days and see how that feels. Start off day one with 1 milligram and then increase by 1 each day.

If you are wondering how to tell what 1 milligram  looks like you should look on the ingredient label of whatever product you purchase.

For example a dropper bottle will tell you how much each drop is. I’ve found a common amount friends are using and happy with is between 10mg-20mg a day.

This really isn’t that much though but a good starting point.

Remember, you CAN’T overdose.

Some humans have been able to tolerate up to 1500mg a day believe it or not. Also don’t worry about getting addicted.

Cannibidiol isn’t physically addictive like Heroin, Cocaine, Alcohol, Opiates or things related.

If someone was to say they are addicted, I would tell them that pretty much anything in life can be addictive but not a bad thing. Look at things like Food, Exercise, Sex and music.

If you are still a little uncertain after reading this article keep in mind there are actual Cannabis Doctors you can speak with. I highly recommend CBD if you have anxiety and this is why I started taking it because I started getting anxiety from my epilepsy.

This is why I love CBD because it helps with both! Please give it a try and let me know how you liked it in the comments below or directly email me.


CBD oil…Get Help not high!


Organic CBD tested
Pure Organic CBD Oil


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  • Hi Bobby, thank you for this very informative article. I will not hesitate to suggest it to a friend who is living with epilepsy. However, what are the likely side effects of the use of CBD and how may they be addressed.

    • Hi Debbie,

      In my article I mention a company called Epidiolex. Have your friend check out their website because they are first and only CBD approved by the FDA for Dravet and LGS which are lifelong forms of epilepsy. They have some great clinical studies on their website that show results on how seizures were reduced.


  • What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
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    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)


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