How To Build A Huge Chest – The Secrets To Bigger Pecs

How To Build A Huge Chest – The Secrets To Bigger Pecs

When it comes to the chest, I like to keep things very simple. I take the biggest chest muscle and combine it with the lift that works the biggest chest muscle the best.

This is the way I will explain How To Build A Huge Chest.

Some of these lifts you can do on your own but for the King of all chest lifts you should have a spotter. I’ve had some clients that say genetically they just cannot build a chest but after at least 3 months of my chest routine that was not the case.

When you combine the right lifts at the right times along with the proper rest between sets results will happen.

You also have to have the proper amount of rest with days off for your muscle to grow.

I used to think that Benching every day when I was in High School would give me the best results. I was wrong, rest is much more important.

The key is to rest enough but not too long that your gains start to decrease.

I personally have found 2-3 days rest between muscle groups is enough and not too long that you will start loosing gains. This is why I would recommend working your chest with at least 2 days off rest between each workout.

I know it may feel like benching every day is doing more work therefore you would have better gains. In this case less is more!



If I was only able to choose 1 lift for working my chest, what would that be you ask?

I would choose the most common lift you see in the gym and talked about. The one I would consider King when it comes to building a bigger chest. The King of building a big chest is the Flat Bench Press.

This is where you are lying down on a bench with your feet on the floor and pressing a weight upwards.

Flat Bench Press is usually the only lift people what to know how much you can do. You have most likely heard at some point in your life someone say, ” How much can you bench”?

One of the reasons people like to compare this one is because it’s a good ego lift.

Another reason is because it is not a very uncomfortable lift or takes that long to set up.

During High School this was the only question I ever heard if someone wanted to know how strong you were. Although I’ve been weight training for almost 20 years now and never hear this question asked from more experienced lifters.

The reason for this is because we realize there are much more important things to bodybuilding. For me the most important thing is symmetry with my back, legs, shoulders and chest/arms.

The Flat Bench can be done in 3 ways.

You can either use a Barbell, dumbbells or the Smith Machine. So you might be wondering which one is the best?

There is a lot of debate when it comes to this. I’ve experimented and compared results for my own opinion over the years. I havn’t noticed much of a difference between how my chest looked. So I decided the best decision was to keep switching it up once I hit a plateau.

This is good for a few reasons but for me it keeps me from getting bored. Another reason is to trick your muscles because you don’t want them to get used to the same thing.

The flat barbell bench press is great if you want to move a lot of weight.

This is why I do this 1st when doing a chest workout because I’m the most energized and least fatigued.

My goal is to always tear up the muscle fibers. Also, known as micro tears in the muscles the body then repairs during rest which is hypertrophy(Muscle Growth).

However, it’s tough not to give the edge to the bench press using dumbbells for hypertrophy that leads to a bigger chest. With the Dumbbell press you’re getting more range of motion because you press-up you have to bring your arms together which doesn’t happen with the barbell press.



There are 2 parts to the chest and they both serve different purposes.

The biggest part of the chest is called the Pectoralis Major. Now you know where the term “Pecs” comes from if you have ever heard this before. In Latin this means Breast.

The Pectoralis Major covers each half of the front of the chest.

One of the jobs of your Pectoralis Major is to move your arms inward. The Majors other job is to help pull your arm down and forward. This large chest muscle is made up of two muscle heads called the clavicular and sternocostal.

Think about it, the Pectoralis Major is the largest muscle in the chest and the Bench press is the best lift for the chest.

Pectoralis Minor is the 2nd muscle in the chest and can be found under the Major towards the upper outside part of the chest.

The Minor is basically in charge or stabilization and the downward rotation of the scapula(Shoulder Bone). If you think about a swimmer and the motion they are doing with the front crawl type stroke. This would be directly activating and working the Pectoralis Minor.

It’s near impossible to directly isolate just the Minor muscle but there are lifts you can do to target the minor more.

Doing chest dips while leaning forward on the way up is a great way to target them.



Incline Bench Press is a great chest workout that builds the upper part of the chest.

If you are someone that has no upper chest or genetically always had trouble with having any muscle there. I would suggest trying this lift first for a few weeks since you are fresh and not fatigued starting your workout.

This is usually my second chest workout after the flat bench is done. Just be careful the incline or angel of the bench isn’t too high or it will start focusing on the shoulders.

Decline Bench Press which is usually my 3rd lift is great for the lower part of the chest.

The Decline Bench Press is when you’re lying down on the bench but your feet are higher in the air and your head is near the floor. This can be done on the smith machine if your gym doesn’t have a bench that is already set up for it.

Make sure you have a spotter since the bar could roll right down to your neck.

Dips are great because you do not need a spotter and can push yourself to failure. To make sure you are hitting mostly the chest and not the triceps, lean far forward and put your feet behind you.

This is a great workout to finish with for a big pump at the end of your workout.

Pec Dec Flys with the machine are usually my last workout during chest day.

This is when you are sitting and grasp two handles about shoulder height that are in a starting position behind your back. You can really push yourself to the limit and get an amazing pump with the Pec Dec Flys.

I recommend a litter higher reps with the exercise unlike the other lifts you will stay in the hypertrophy phase.



Very important for a bigger and fuller chest to stay in the HYPERTROPHY PHASE.

This is also knows as the muscle building phase.

To be in this phase you will need to stay within 6 to 12 reps for each exercise. I personally try and stick right in the middle of that phase at 8 or 9 reps.

So find a weight that you can just barely get 8 or 9 reps.

If you’re getting 13,12,8,8 for your weight then you need to increase the weight next time you workout to try and get 8,8,8,8. The hypertrophy phase has shorter rest between your lifts.

One or Two minutes rest between sets is ideal and comes up very quick, so be ready!

Women and Man cartoon working out

The right amount of sets is debatable and many different opinions but I have had the most success with sticking to 10 sets each time I work a muscle group.

An example would be 4 sets of Flat Bench followed by 3 sets of Incline Bench and then Ending with 3 sets of Decline.

Once you have finished all of your 10 sets in the hypertrophy phase you can still do another workout if you’re not fatigued.

I will sometimes end with push-ups, so I can really use every last bit of energy in my chest. After a great workout like this you will need the 2 days rest to repair and build.



Start your workout with the big bulk builder the Bench Press while sticking in the Hypertrophy phase.

Have a spotter during this lift to really push yourself and take advantage of no fatigue and the best lift for muscle fiber tear.

Always keep track of how much weight and reps you did in your previous workout.

The more weight you are putting up the bigger the muscle which means a bigger chest! If you do this while consuming enough protein, getting enough rest and staying consistent then you will see progress.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions.

I hope this helps and you give this a try for a few months and report back with some progress.


“For me, life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not  simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

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