Best Protein Powder Building Muscle – See The Best Deal On The Internet

Best Protein Powder Building Muscle – See The Best Deal On The Internet

I have spent hours and hours and days doing research trying to find the best deal for the highest quality Protein Powder. You can either do the same or read this article for the Best Protein Powder Building Muscle and I will explain why.

Depending on where you live you may get in within 2-3 days delivered to your residence like I always do.

The Brand is from a company called NOW FOODS.

They have been around since 1968, that’s 50 years in the industry! They are one of the natural product industries most recognizable brands.

They have the most extensive product line and Americas most successful private nutrition company.

You may not want the quantity I purchase and recommend but there are other less quantity amounts. I purchase the 10 pound bag because after buying 2 pounds frequently I realized I was paying twice in the end.

This Deal is also the highest quality you can find on the internet Whey Protein Isolate. Most people purchase Whey Protein Concentrate because it is more affordable.

Whey Protein Concentrate is still very good but Why isolate is superior.



For 10 Pounds of the highest quality protein you can buy it is $100.99. Then there is the 5.95 shipping which I have been using this company for 10 years and it’s almost always came the 2nd or 3rd day.

This bag has 138 servings of Whey Isolate with 25 grams per serving.

That means there is a total of 3,450 Grams of the highest quality Protein. $100.99 + $5.95= $106.94 Total Price. $106.94/3450= .030

That means you are only paying 3 cents per gram of the highest quality Protein made.

Let’s compare this to buying from some other most well-known companies of supplements.

First though you have to realize how tricky these companies are.

You may see, ” 100 % Whey” on the front label or, “Whey Isolate Blend”. Even the most popular sold brands on the internet says on the front, ” Whey Protein Isolates” but right next to it you will see Primary source.

This all means they are NOT using 100% Whey Protein Isolate.

WalMart has a protein powder I will compare to because they are knows to be one of the cheapest with everything.

For 2lbs you can get some for $19.00. Advertised as “Super Advanced” and “60 Gram” servings. The advanced is actually a blend of concentrate and isolate, so you have no clue of the actual ratio.

Yes there are 60 grams per servings but only 9 servings in the entire jug. This works out to 34 cents per gram of protein. There is also 30 grams of sugar in the smaller 2lb container.

Also, 23 GRAMS OF SATURATED FAT in this jug of protein.

I could compare many more which I have but I wanted to give you a great example. This one is the most popular and top seller at one of the cheapest stores to buy anything.

Protein Powders and Protein Bars can be extremely misleading.

That’s why I highly recommended this protein because there is NO junk added in and the price and quality is the best.



ZERO sugar. As you can see on the label another reason I love this Protein Powder.

The Protein is sweetened by Organic Stevia Leaf Extract.

Stevia has NO calories due to the way your body metabolizes the sweetener. ZERO fat.

There are no Saturated or Trans fats which if you have read my other articles you will know that’s the fat you want to stay away from.

Protein powder for building muscle fast
The Best Protein For Building Muscle

Lactose intolerant?

Another reason you should be purchasing Isolate instead of Concentrate.

The Whey Protein Isolates are easy on the digestive system and are 99 percent lactose-free. Over the years I have heard clients say that they can’t consume Protein Powder because it upsets their stomach.

My response is always to have them try Isolate and the probably goes away!

I personally live in California and every time I have ordered this protein it has either been shipped the same day if I order it enough or always the next day.

There are times I have actually received my supplements from the company the very next day! The shipping and customer service is better than any other company I have ever used.



This Protein powder unlike most doesn’t have too many ingredients on the back label. This is something I look for and very important.

If you are still wondering what the ingredients are,  I have put together a brief description of each.

  • Xanthan Gum: Xanthan gum has been classified as non-toxic. It has even been approved without limitations by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to be used as food additive
  • Xylitol: It’s a naturally occurring substance found in many fruits, vegetables, and even in the human body. There are decades of research on Xylitol and it has no harm on humans. Recent research has actually shown that small amounts every day can have positive health impacts. For example preventing ear infections and healthier teeth.
  • Sea Salt: This isn’t like regular table salt because it is produced by evaporating water from the ocean or saltwater lakes. Table salt is usually mined underground. Sea Salt doesn’t get processed that much which leaves potential harmful trace minerals.
  • Cocoa: Is a chocolate powder made from ground and roasted cacao seeds. Cocoa powder is great for weight loss and has many benefits. Boosts Metabolism, Fights inflammation, fights stress and great for heart health.
  • Sunflower Lecithin: Is essential to your body and rich in choline which is another essential fatty acid. Some people take this alone as a supplement for its benefits. Lecithin has been shown to improve liver function and help with acne. Lecithin is also used to improve cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and arthritis.

    10 pound bag of protein powder
    10 Pounds of the best  protein powder

You can get the 10LB  amount as shown in the photo above for the best bang for the buck. Or  if you would like, 1,2 and 5 pounds are also options.

There are also unflavored options available if you would like to add your own ingredient to sweeten the protein.



I Personally love the taste of the Creamy Chocolate.

You do have other options like Vanilla, Toffee Caramel Fudge, or even unflavored.

You could always get unflavored and add your own Natural Peanut Butter and mix with unsweetened Almond milk.

You can click the reviews and see that 99% of them are 5 stars and people comment on how they love the taste.

Another option is to sprinkle this protein on things or make Protein Pancakes with them. My Oatmeal is usually mixed with a scoop of the Creamy Chocolate.

These powder mixes very well with everything since there are not a ton of added useless fillers.



My final thoughts are how I can recommended this enough. This is the highest quality protein on planet earth over all supplement and food forms.

The taste is great and the price is the most affordable for Isolate I have found.

The Brand and company you are ordering from are very well-known and have fantastic customer service.

I have recommended this protein to so many people over the years and never had anyone say they didn’t like it.

A few times I have seen friends or workout partners split the High Quality 10lb bag,

So for 5 pounds they are only spending $50.

This 5 pounds still lasted them a few months. That’s extremely affordable for $25 a month of the highest quality protein, especially if you compare to how much food sources protein can cost.

Please let me know in the comments below if you ended up purchasing some and what your thoughts are.


Thousands More Supplements And A 30 Day Return Policy!

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  • Bobby, this site is very attractive. It is surprising how much information is here among so many products. Very neat and productive presentation.Good work!

  • Hi, I stumbled upon this article and it was very helpful! I couldn’t stop reading. Thank you for taking the time to investigate this more thoroughly. Stevia instead of sugar is excellent, I am not so fond of so much sugar in general. Thanks for the tip.

    • You are welcome erlend. Stevia is a great choice to substitute in. I had one client that was eating lots of sugar in multiple cups of coffee each day. When I had her switch to Stevia she lost 10lbs over a few months from only switching that.

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